A husband and wife, between 45 and 64 years of age.
"My wife has been diagnosed with early onset dementia.  When I'm working I call home at least 10 times a day to check on her, I'm exhausted!"
After our help:
"Thank you for sitting with us!  I am so relieved that you called Interior Health, home care.  They came and did an assessment within 48 hours and now we have support arranged.  I can breathe again!"
Male 65+ years of age.
"I don't know what to do.  I had a phone call, from the hospital I think, that gave me a date and a time to go to an appointment but I don't remember any of the info."
After our help:
"Wow, thank you!  I would not have known who to call or what to ask.  If I had missed that appointment I would have lost my surgery date."
Female 19-44 years of age.
"I have an appointment with a specialist and I don't know how to get my points across.  I know I may not get another appointment so I need to be prepared, but how?"
After our help:
"Thank you for sitting and spending time with me.  The health tracking forms we found online will definitely help me tell the doctor all about my symptoms.  I feel relaxed and prepared.  I can do this now."
Male 45-64 years of age.
"I need help.  I have been given a 22-page form to fill out to apply for Canada Pension Plan Disability.  The problem is I am losing my vision, nearly blind.  I don't know how I can read and fill this out."
After our help:
"The pension was approved, thanks to your help in reading me the form and writing down my answers.  I was out of savings and really needed this pension!  Scary to be just a few months away from homelessness.  And thanks for helping me register with Handy-Dart and telling me about the Disability Tax Credits.  I'll be back for help with that too!"